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Masami Ono-Feller as
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Published in various places including:

Asahi Shimbun (nationwide No. 2 with a daily circulation of 12 million)

NHK publishers (NHK: the leading national public TV and radio

Shinano Mainichi Shimbun (regional, circulation: 470,000 daily)

Shogakukan publishers (specialist periodical, circulation: 20,000 monthly)

Mannheimer Morgen (daily newspaper)

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Asahi Shimbun
Column with 35 episodes – „Column with 35 episodes “
(29.05.2008 – 15.10.2009) with photos by the author

Integration of foreign employees - The German model (24. Aug. 2006))

NHK publishers, in the brochure accompanying the radio course for learning German (100.000 monthly)

German spa towns, twelve-part series (Apr. 2007 - Mar. 2008),
Concept, entire text and overall organization

What the Germans really cook, twelve-part series, Concept,
entire text and overall organization (Apr. 2006 - Mar. 2007)

World Cup Report: The Germans and their World Cup, six-part
series in collaboration with "Kicker", Concept, entire text and
overall organization (Apr. 2006. - Sep. 2006.)

Locale: Vocation and private commitment in Germany,
twelve-part series, Concept, entire text and overall organization
(Apr. 2005 - Mar. 2006)

German master craftsmen, eighteen-part series, concept,
primary text and overall organization (Oct. 2003 - Mar. 2005)

Shinano Mainichi Shimbun (3 - 4 times a year since 2005)
21. 'Open shelves' (28.05.2012)
– selected as article for school exercises

18. 'Biosphere Reserve in the Limelight' (17.08.2011)
– selected as article for school exercises

12. 'Chancellor Merkel is Popular but...' (12.07.2008)

10. 'Measures against Global Warming
– Popular in Housing Construction' (26.07.2007)

7. 'The anti-AIDS campaign': Open PR - open education (19 Oct. 2006)

2. 'Education that has Learned from the Past:
Integration in Germany' (06.07.2005)

Shogakukan publishers, , in "Chugaku Kyoiku" - Educational journal
German education today: Fostering independence (Sep. 2004)

German education today: Coming to terms with history,
the period of National Socialism in the schools (Oct. 2004)

German education today:
The importance of foreign languages (Nov. 2004)

Mannheimer Morgen
With fans and a white mask (26 Feb. 1986)

Concentration in steel and stone (24 Feb. 1986)

Of the sound of bamboo and the carp ritual (21 Feb. 1986) )

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