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We hereby confirm that since 2007, Mrs Masami Ono-Feller has been working on a freelance basis for the Corporate Language Services of Deutsche Post DHL.

During this time, Mrs Ono-Feller has taken on interpreting jobs for the languages German-Japanese in various company divisions, including on the executive level (CEO), and has invariably carried them out to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Because of the highly commendable experience we have had with Mrs Ono-Feller, we will gladly employ her again at any time in the company as needs arise."

<Head of Corporate Language Services, Deutsche Post DHL, 2013>


We hereby confirm that Ms Masami Ono-Feller has been working for the Central Language Service of Bayer AG and Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG on a freelance basis since 1999.

During this period she has taken on interpreting jobs for the language combinations German-Japanese and English-Japanese both consecutively and simultaneously for various areas of the Bayer Group, including on the executive level (CEO) and the Bayer 04 Football Club, to our complete satisfaction.

Furthermore, she has translated Japanese patents of a chemical nature as well as scientific publications from the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy and related technologies into German. All her clients were highly satisfied with the translations she provided.

On the basis of the excellent experience we have had with Ms Ono-Feller, we will continue to engage her services in the above-mentioned areas as the need arises.”

<Head of the Central Language Service of Bayer Industry Services GmbH & Co. OHG, 2013>


I got to know Mrs Masami Ono-Feller from Bergisch Gladbach via a personal recommendation. During the course of a planned GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) audit of a Japanese company by our firm, I took up contact with her and very quickly, without complications, obtained her consent to collaborate on our project. It required being deployed in Japan.

Because of the tight time-frame, we met for the first time personally only at the airport in Tokyo. She immediately won us over by virtue of her friendly and competent way of mediating between the languages and the different cultures. During the five-day GMP audit, in which we inspected a manufacturer of an active pharmaceutical agent as well as a manufacturer of parenteralia according to GMP guidelines, we were able to convince ourselves of her competence also in the specialized communication of the audit's contents. She was perfectly able to keep her concentration even under very difficult circumstances, such as clean-room conditions and conferences with numerous participants lasting several hours, communicating precisely the auditors' questions and the specialist personnel's responses. The language combination for the audit was German-Japanese. However, Mrs Ono-Feller also had no trouble switching occasionally to English-Japanese, depending upon what the situation demanded.

We were extremely satisfied and glad that Mrs Ono-Feller had accompanied us. She contributed decisively to the success of our audit. I warmly recommend her."

<Head of Quality Control of a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, 2013>


We hereby confirm that Ms Masami Ono-Feller, Max-Bruch-Straße 7, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, has been working for the language service at Hoechst AG continuously since 1985.

During this time she has translated mainly Japanese patents concerned with chemistry, but also scientific publications in the areas of polymer chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy and electrical engineering into German. Ms Ono-Feller has translated more than 300 patents. All her clients have been highly satisfied with the quality of the translations she has provided.

In addition, Ms Ono-Feller has also taken on interpreting jobs between the languages German-Japanese-English and mastered them with distinction.

Because of the excellent collaboration we have enjoyed with Ms Ono-Feller, we will continue to assign her tasks in her specialist areas as needs arise."

<Head of the language service at Hoechst AG, 2006>


I first met Ms Masami Ono-Feller in October 1994 while working for RWE, where I was responsible for electricity business and international electricity trading on an inter-company level, during a two-day workshop with the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO). Ms Ono-Feller did the consecutive interpreting (Japanese/German - German/Japanese) in the areas that were dealt with, including corporate presentation, business strategy, deregulation of the electricity market, conventional and nuclear electricity generation and electricity grids. Ms Ono-Feller also did the interpreting during a tour of the 380 kV transformer station and the RWE main control station at Brauweiler, and also at the associated social events (dinner, etc).

As can be inferred from what was said in the discussions and the questions posed by the TEPCO delegation, Ms Ono-Feller impressed all those attending the workshop by her very precise translations and very broad interpreting skills in all the areas of corporate policy, technical and economic subjects mentioned. In the easy way she mastered also general conversation, her considerable and very broad general knowledge as well as the excellent knowledge of German and Japanese ways of thinking and the respective cultures were also apparent. Ms Ono-Feller was also striking in her extremely quick comprehension and prompt translations of the difficult material into Japanese or German as required, without which the immense amount of work planned for the meeting would not have been coped with within the given timeframe.

On the basis of such positive experience, in the following years of my career I have always sought and kept contact with Ms Ono-Feller: as an interpreter during the visit of a delegation of professors from the Sophia University in Tokyo in my time at the University in Münster, as well as in connection with my current activities as a consultant. Without question we will again ask for Ms Ono-Feller's support in connection with a project in the electricity sector that is being prepared under the leadership of TEPCO in collaboration with KEPCO (Kansai Electric Power), Osaka Gas Co., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., as well as other companies.

Not least of all, and especially because of her very helpful and friendly, and also very discreet manners, I can highly recommend Ms Ono-Feller as an always very well prepared, extremely precise interpreter who can cope well even with long working days."

<Managing Director of EUTELIS ENERGY GmbH, 2006>

"Ms Masami Ono-Feller worked for us as an interpreter during the visit of both our managing directors to Japan in the period from 12 February until 14 February 2003.

She interpreted throughout the day during strategically important contractual negotiations with our Japanese distributors. The talks took place between managing directors. The solicitors of our Japanese partners were also present.

During the negotiations, Ms Ono-Feller proved to be a great support for us. With a lot of competence and sensitivity for the situation, she knew how to hit the right tone for the translations so that no tensions arose among the parties.

Ms Ono-Feller has a very pleasant and self-assured manner. While she is working, she behaves inconspicuously so that the real actors remain in the foreground.

We were very satisfied with all the interpreting activity that Ms Ono-Feller has undertaken for us to date and we recommend her highly to others."

<Managing Director of Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH, 2000>

"Dear Ms Ono-Feller, I would like to thank you once again for your excellent interpreting last week. In my view it worked out extremely well, especially because you are quick to grasp what is going on."

<A department head at Infineon, 2003>

"Ms Masami Ono-Feller worked for us as an interpreter in the period from 27 October until 1 November 2002 during the stay of our Japanese colleague, who was to acquaint himself with processes in our company.

She interpreted throughout the day alternately in German, English and Japanese during presentations and meetings with up to 12 persons, including during lunch breaks and in the evening at dinner. She worked for up to 14 hours each day.

The topic of aquaristics was new to Ms Ono-Feller, but she knew how to work her way quickly into the subject at short notice on the basis of her very good knowledge of natural science, and in particular, chemistry and biology.

Ms Ono-Feller also proved herself to be a mediator between the differing mentalities, especially since our Japanese colleague was in Germany for the first time. She knew how to create a very good atmosphere for all parties.

Apart from that, Ms Ono-Feller has taken on translation jobs for us from German into Japanese and vice versa, and dealt with these tasks proficiently at short notice.

We have been and continue to be very satisfied with the work of Ms Ono-Feller, and we are glad that we will be able to rely on her assistance when we again have visitors from Japan."

<Head of research and development at Tetra GmbH, 2003>

"Many thanks for the very high-quality translation of the patent from Japanese into German. Please pass on this note of appreciation to Ms Ono-Feller."

<A researcher at Bayer AG, 2000>

"For us, dear Ms Ono-Feller, you have become more than just a pure service-provider who translates from one language into the other. Over the years during which we have been working together, you have developed more and more into an important link between the cultures for us.

... the fact that [during the recent difficult negotiations with company A] our talks did not escalate we owe to a considerable degree to you, because one could read from your gestures that you translated in a moderate way in both directions and thus allowed each party the opportunity of saving face.

I also thank you for the many conversations about the meetings and for your objectivity in assessing the various situations. We are very glad that we will be able to work together again with you in the future."

<Managing Director of a mechanical engineering firm which is a world market leader with its products, 2003: For reasons of confidentiality, the company's name cannot be provided here>

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